Faded view of Kinlochroag on the Isle of Lewis


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Highlander Beef

Highland Beef

Today our food market is driven by what is healthy and what is not. Even old faithful's like Macdonalds and Burger King fight to offer healthy alternatives. Our supermarkets are carrying organic produce by demand and we are encouraged to eat what is good for us.

We are encouraged to cut out fat, keep down cholesterol but there is good news for beef eaters.

Highland Bullock
Yearling Bullock

Here are a few facts about Highland Beef and the Kinlochroag Pedigree Highlanders.

  • It tastes better than 'ordinary butcher/supermarket beef'.

  • Independent testing lab results have shown that highland beef is lower in cholesterol than chicken and also contains less fat, due to the thick insulating double layer coats.

  • Tests done by the Scottish Agricultural College have proven that Highland Beef is significantly lower in fat and cholesterol, and higher in protein and iron than other beef. Click Here for details

  • Kinlochroag highlanders are reared in traditional fashion on the hills and moorland of Uig in the Outer Hebrides. Stress free to wander and roam the land as nature intended. They stay out over winter and have only supplemental organic silage as extra feed. The only interruption to their regime is for regular health checks.

  • They are totally free from the use of hormone implants, anabolic steroids, antibiotics, animal by products, or chemicals.

  • The animals will be slaughtered between 14 and 30 months of age.

  • Beef from the Kinlochroag highlanders is succulent and full of flavour, either Steak or stew you will never find it's match for the true taste of
    Scotland's Best Highland Beef.

Highland Cattle Society
Highland Cattle Society

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