Faded view of Kinlochroag on the Isle of Lewis


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Keeping up the language.

The Western Isles of Scotland is one of the last true strongholds of the Gaelic Language. It is spoken as a first language by many on the island and our local government are doing their best to encourage and promote this.

We would like to do our bit in keeping up an awareness of our language, our heritage, by helping those who are owners and breeders of highland cattle to investigate the origins of their animals names. Obviously there are a lot of cattle out there and a great many of them do not have Gaelic names, but if you think your highlander has and would like a translation we would be pleased to help.

This is a free service and will be fitted in with our daily chores so please be patient with us. We make no guarantees of precision or accuracy only that we will do our best to reply to you with the most approximate translation we can give.

There is also a comprehensive list of names on the Highland Cattle Society website and the tradition behind naming highland cattle is explained.

Just contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Meanwhile if you can come up with a good caption for Cathac's encounter with the washing send it to us.

Caption needed!
I wonder if any of these fit me?

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Highland Cattle Society

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