Faded view of Kinlochroag on the Isle of Lewis


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Photo Gallery 2007

The start of March in Uig was cold and wet, infact much like the rest of the winter. We have had little, to no snow, frosty mornings were few and far between, but howling gales and cold, cold rain we have had in abundance

Now the weather has improved and the sun is shining again, let us hope it stays for a while.

Loch Roag
Loch Roag

We are just greeting some early arrivals here at Kinlochroag so please come back as more arrive we will keep you updated. Little highland cross calf shown high up in the moor above Loch Roag.
This little Highland cross calf was born
on a Hebridean Moor, high above Loch Roag in Uig
on a cold March morning.
Wilma a Highland Cow with her new calf
Wilma's new baby.

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Highland Cattle Society

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