Faded view of Kinlochroag on the Isle of Lewis


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We take a lot of pride in our Fold and take great care of them. They are brought up in an organic environment and are free to roam acres of wild moorland, grazing the heather unhindered apart from regular 'health checks' and treatments.

With the care we have invested in rearing our calves we would prefer to sell them privately when we can. The most obvious benefit to this is:

The buyer has a chance to view the Kinlochroag Fold and be assured that they are buying quality. They can view the calves' mother and the natural surroundings in which the calf was reared. Chat to the handler to get to 'know' the animal before you take it home.

True island bred Highland Calves

Island bred Highland Calves
All our fold have been tested and are free of
BVD, Johne's Disease and Leptospirosis.

Have peace of mind that the animal will travel direct to your home location having suffered the minimum of stress and trauma and without being exposed to numerous other beasts from differing locations.

Having seen the Kinlochroag Fold thriving in Lewis you will appreciate how hardy these animals are and that once settled on the mainland they will continue to thrive even more in an even slightly milder climate.

In comparison to other breeds of cattle Highland Cattle are low maintenance. They are quite happy to stay out all year round and will happily thrive on scrub type pasture that other cattle won't touch. They may still need some supplementary food during the winter month's dependent on grazing conditions.

Another good trait with Highland Cattle, they are disease resistant in comparison to other breeds, they calf easily and can still breed well into their teens.

Kinlochroag Calf

For further information on the breed check our links page or contact the
Highland Cattle Society

To understand how dedicated we are in conforming to raising only the best check out the other organisations we are proud to be members of. SOPA, SQBLA, also listed on our links page.

For full details of sales and availability contact us.

Highland Cattle Society
Highland Cattle Society

Kinlochroag Fold Of Pedigree Highland Cattle
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