Faded view of Kinlochroag on the Isle of Lewis


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Visitors are very welcome.

Accommodation at Gisla

We are always delighted to greet visitors, whether you have a Fold of your own, are interested in starting one, or just have a love for these marvellous animals you are welcome at Kinlochroag.

We do insist however that visitors inform us before they arrive, that way nobody will be disappointed by inconvenient timing.


If you would like to spend a week or more just relaxing and enjoying the beauty, peace and tranquility of life at Gisla then why not check out our newly renovated cottage? Hawthorn Cottage is now available, see the website for details.

'On yonder hill, there stands a coo
If it's no there, it's awa' the noo'

William McGonigal.

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Highland Cattle Society

Kinlochroag Fold Of Pedigree Highland Cattle
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